Why Love is Necessary in Business

If you want your business to flourish, you have to love the people you are serving.

Love will cause you to do what’s necessary to stay in business for the customer.

Love will keep you satisfied while the roots grow to produce your harvest.

Love attracts customers, because your customers want to be loved more than they want your product/service.

If you choose to build a profitable business that primarily aims to love people, you will find yourself attracting people instead of chasing people.

You will find yourself building a loyal customer base with meaningful relationships, instead of chasing “1 off” transactions.

You will find yourself thriving when the market crashes, when the cheaper alternative undercuts your prices, and when your competitors copy your work, because your customers BELIEVE in your WHY more than your WHAT.

If you want help finding the people you love to serve, check out our Mission Clarity Videos in our community!