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Loving People with Aligned Business Systems

A Little Bit About Us

I (Jeremy Reyes, founder) started a business in 2018 with the purpose of bringing truth and love to the marketing industry. I didn’t know what that meant or looked like, but I knew I was called to be a light in a historically dark place.

After falling flat on my face in the first year, my faith slowly turned into fear. I continually made decisions and designed products to make money by any means necessary, even if it didn’t align with my beliefs or values. I saw marketing as a “necessary evil” to get results.

During my most profitable months, when everyone else saw my business as a huge “success”, I was the most unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and unmotivated I had ever been in my business. I was exhausted from running and hiding behind my brand.

I had a fundamentally false belief that the purpose of business was to make money. What God kept reminding me of over and over again was that the purpose of business is to love people, and money is just a powerful tool in that process.

God told me to destroy the idol I had built. I’ll never forget that day of deleting my products, canceling all my active customer subscriptions, and putting a front page cover letter on our website explaining why we were closing down and where I had gone wrong.

As I shared my story of my own drifting, I found other entrepreneurs who had the same desire to love people through their business. We struggled together as we prayed, searched scripture, and started testing practical frameworks and systems for loving people with aligned business systems.

This community of entrepreneurs eventually grew into what Purpose Beyond Profit is today. This journey to loving people through business is a process, and there are no leaderboards or winners.

We are not perfect experts. We are co-laborers working alongside each other in pursuit of seeing God’s redemption in business.