Loving People

with Aligned Business Systems

“We live in a business economy that uses people as a tool to love profit.

We’re helping grow a new economy that uses business to love people.
Because people are more than just a tool to make money – loving people is the mission of business.

And it starts with entrepreneurs who have a Purpose Beyond Profit.”

The Purpose Beyond Profit Model

Mission Clarity

Find purpose and motivation by aligning your business to love and serve people.

Bule dot

Redemptive Content

Share your mission through powerful stories and experiences.

Raving Community

Build meaningful relationships that extend beyond momentary transactions.

Sustainable Sales

Develop sustainable sales systems that consistently generate sales.


Lead yourself and your team forward by remaining true to your mission.

Business Alignment Assessment

How aligned is your business to grow + love people simultaneously?

Services We Offer

Purpose Beyond Profit Mastermind

Purpose Beyond Profit Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Starting Fall 2023!

Purpose or Profit?

Helping entrepreneurs grow profitable brands that love people

You don’t have to pick between being aligned with your purpose and being profitable!

You don’t have to be unprofitable to love people, or stray from your purpose to be profitable.

There is a better way. We call it aligned growth.

It’s implementing sustainable systems and tools in your business to serve people well while growing your business.

Before you can market yourself effectively, you first need internal clarity on what the purpose of your business is.

After helping you uncover and articulate that purpose, we empower you with powerful systems, tools, and processes to grow your business in alignment with your purpose.

What People Are Saying

When I started, building a business was really new for me. The biggest thing that I got from this program was that I learned that I didn’t have to hold my marketable skillsets and my purpose separately. I got to unleash the full purpose of what God has for me in business… that was life-transforming. It is continuing to shape how I run my business, just constantly going back and aligning things so that I can be truly authentic in my business. These frameworks put everything in the right order for me to best serve my clients

Dona Nathan

Founder of TwoPoint0Life

Having Jeremy and the Purpose Beyond Profit frameworks has clarified and simplified the heartbeat of the business that the Lord is having me build. It’s been very encouraging, motivating, and stress-reducing to be able to build off of that peace. If you’ve been thinking about getting clarity… I highly recommend Jeremy and his Purpose Beyond Profit program

Cassie Kitzmiller

Founder of Christian Women Business Builders

I must admit I started out with a healthy level of skepticism, but you proved over and over again that you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. I am forever grateful! Anyone else reading this post, know this, if you’re on the fence about joining Jeremy in his pursuit of Purpose Beyond Profit, he will help you succeed not only in your business, but your life and relationships

Taylor Arney

Founder of Veteran Owned Small Business Resources