What Is Purpose Beyond Profit?

2021 was my most “successful” year as an entrepreneur, yet the most unsatisfying. It was a convicting reminder that money does not satisfy my soul. Not even close.

5 years ago God called me to bring truth and authenticity to the marketing industry. Having very little experience, I timidly launched my marketing agency in Spring 2018. Over the course of the next 3 years, I slowly drifted my mission into what everyone (including myself) thought we wanted: making people more money. While I was helping people make 6 and 7 figures with marketing, I had to wrestle with the ultimate life question:

“If all I do is help people make money, am I truly helping them?”

Sure, money is a vital necessity for every business (and person) to be sustainable and accomplish their mission, but is it THE mission? I found myself realizing what more and more high level CEO’s, leaders, and entrepreneurs are realizing now: Profit, for the sake of profit alone, doesn’t make us happier, more content, or satisfied. Rockefeller summed it up well when he was asked how much money is enough, with his response being “Just one dollar more”.
I believe we are designed for more. Even in my own drifting, God constantly reminded me of His purpose for business: to love people. This truth changes everything. True peace and joy comes when we stop chasing money and start building from our purpose.
  • I believe business can be used as a tool to love and help people.
  • I believe truth and authenticity are the greatest marketing tools in the world.
  • I believe people rally around WHY you do something, more than WHAT you do.
  • I believe building an community that believes in your mission is the most sustainable way to grow a business.
  • I believe promoting your mission requires strategies, tools, and tactics that align with your mission.

Purpose Beyond Profit is for…

  • Entrepreneurs, leaders, & visionaries who desire to make a bigger difference in the world than just make money.
  • You want proven marketing strategies, tools, and tactics to help you grow your business.
  • You want to learn how to build an authentic community that loves your mission and grows your business.
If that’s you, I’d love to meet you over a Zoom chat and hear your mission! You can reach out through the “Contact Us” page.