How to Motivate Your Audience with Belief

Before I sit in a chair I have to first believe that it will hold me up.

Similarly, in order for you to apply any of the information in this blog post, you have to first believe that it can help your business. I think many of us struggle with thinking we’re lazy. We see our lack of action and think to ourselves “how lazy am I?”

But I think if we look closer, beneath the surface… Very few people are actually lazy, but most of us struggle with unbelief.


“I don’t believe that my product or service can help people.” “I don’t believe that people will buy.” “I don’t believe that I can apply this information and get the same results other people have.”

Why don’t we believe? Why do so many of us struggle with unbelief?


2 things:

1. Lack of evidence. We haven’t seen enough data or information to convince us otherwise.

2. Past experiences. The self-sabotaging beliefs of “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not qualified” are typically the result of negative experiences where we confused results with identity. We tell ourselves we aren’t capable of succeeding so we don’t have. totry again and feel that pain again. These false beliefs are destructive because they hold us back from doing anything. What area in your life are you telling yourself you’re not good enough to even try?


Listen, the marketing industry will tell you in order to believe you just have to close your eyes tight enough, manifest it, and dream hard enough. That sounds great, but I’d rather give you tangible evidence that create a natural belief inside of you.


How do we do that?
We share Redemptive Content that does 2 things: 
1) Tell stories that shift the false beliefs of your target audience into true beliefs.

2) Create resources that provide a positive new experience.


Ultimately, redemptive content leads your target audience from their problem to a solution. That’s what redemption is.