How to Grow with Your “Competitors”

In my previous marketing agency, my team reached out to a “competitor” in the marketing/consulting space.

We realized they had a similar mission to us, so we reached out. We built a solid relationship with them, showed them how we could work together, and gained over 150 new students and 50k cash collected from this partnership alone.

While the industry is more concerned with trade secrets, patents, and destroying the competition, we’re choosing to see our “competition” as Mission Partners. If someone has a similar vision for serving the people I’m serving, couldn’t that be an asset?

Another example… My church has started the habit of picking another local church in the area each week and praying for them corporately on Sunday morning. This is a constant reminder to us that other churches with the vision of spreading the gospel (even though their worship or style may be different), we’re on the same team.

Another example… When I first started doing digital marketing 4 years ago, a friend and fellow marketer reached out to me and gave me some great tips and advice. Most people would have considered this “trade secrets”. When I needed to refer work for a specific project, the first person I thought of was this person who reached out months ago. Over the course of the next year, we partnered on 6-8 projects that were much more successful than if we had done it alone.

I have countless more examples that I’ll save for another time. But I’ll leave you with this:

What would happen to your mission, profit, and influence if you started seeing competitors as “Mission Partners”?

If you want help finding the right mission partners for your business, watch our Mission Partner Training in the resources section of our website.