Biblical Business Cohort

Loving People with Aligned Business Systems

What are these cohorts?

A 12 week program with weekly group coaching, training videos, and student workbook.

Due to limited capacity, you must book a Discovery Call and be accepted into this program before making a payment.

Upcoming Cohort

July 30th, 2024

Dates: July 30th – October 22nd

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 3pm – 4pm ET

Coach: Jeremy Reyes


Seats Remaining

What This Cohort Includes

Live Coaching Sessions

You will have 12 one hour sessions of live coaching via Zoom, where you will learn and apply the Purpose Beyond Profit frameworks to your business and have space to ask questions and receive feedback.

On-Demand Support

You will have access to a private community for just your cohort, with the ability to network with members from other cohorts. This will be where you submit homework for feedback and receive support.

Student Workbook

Your personal workbook has checklists, exercises, and downloads to apply what you’re learning to your business in real-time. Your coach will have access to your workbook to track your progress.


You will receive reminders, support, and feedback as you implement your homework. During our live sessions, we don’t do fluff. We get right down to business in implementing the Biblical principles & strategies into your business in real-time.

By the end of these 12 weeks, you will have

Mission Statement

A “1 Sentence Mission Statement” that converges your life purpose, gifting, and empathy.

Mission Roadmap

The truth-filled action steps & beliefs that map out your offers, messaging, and materials.

Customer Research

A roadmap to meeting your target audience where they are in their feelings, actions, and beliefs.

Redemptive Content

Evergreen stories & resources that build a bridge between your target audience’s problem & solution.

Mission Funnel

Your unique marketing funnel that strategically moves people from stranger to client, 1 step at a time.

Mission Partners

Strategic partnerships that expand your visibility without paid ads or spam.


A system for capturing, tracking, and streamlining leads through the Mission Funnel.

Leadership Rhythms

Leadership processes for keeping yourself and your team in alignment with your mission long-term.

The PBP Model

Mission Clarity

Align your business to your life purpose, not just to make money by any means necessary.

Redemptive Content

Become a beacon of hope & change, without pretending to be something you’re not.

Raving Community

Build real relationships beyond momentary transactions.

Sustainable Sales

Streamline your customers’ journey while making consistent sales in the process.


Allow your business to grow by leading yourself holistically.

“We live in a business economy that uses people as a tool to love profit.

We’re helping grow a new economy that uses business to love people.
Because people are more than just a tool to make money – loving people is the mission of business.

And it starts with entrepreneurs who have a Purpose Beyond Profit.”

What Clients Are Saying

When I started, building a business was really new for me. The biggest thing that I got from this program was that I learned that I didn’t have to hold my marketable skillsets and my purpose separately. I got to unleash the full purpose of what God has for me in business… that was life-transforming. It is continuing to shape how I run my business, just constantly going back and aligning things so that I can be truly authentic in my business. These frameworks put everything in the right order for me to best serve my clients.

Dona Constantino

Emotional Health Coach

Having Jeremy and the Purpose Beyond Profit frameworks has clarified and simplified the heartbeat of the business that the Lord is having me build. It’s been very encouraging, motivating, and stress-reducing to be able to build off of that peace. If you’ve been thinking about getting clarity… I highly recommend Jeremy and his Purpose Beyond Profit program.

Cassie Kitzmiller

Founder of Christian Women Business Builders

I must admit I started out with a healthy level of skepticism, but you proved over and over again that you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. I am forever grateful! Anyone else reading this post, know this, if you’re on the fence about joining Jeremy in his pursuit of Purpose Beyond Profit, he will help you succeed not only in your business, but your life and relationships.

Taylor Arney

Founder of Veterans Small Business Resources

Anyone on the fence about working with Purpose Beyond Profit, I am only one person, but I would recommend them and reach out to Jeremy to have him guide you. You will have an accountability partner, leader and coach that will help you align your business for the long game. I am so glad to be done chasing the latest fad, idea or system. Get the guidance you deserve. It’s hard work to do it right, but man, when you get clarity, everything aligns. I pray more people can be helped and aligned by his business. A genuine and stand up guy!

Steve Grant

Content Creator

Grace upon grace he has linked arms with me and has celebrated every single slow-paced step! What an absolute blessing!
And now my friends, I see my business about to explode……. with God right in the center. That is SOOO EXCITING!! So if you are hesitant to take the next step but eager to explore what God has for you, you are in the right place. You will absolutely find support here, wherever you are in your business venture! I hope you decide to jump in the next available class.

Melissa MacGreggor

Life Coach

I think what resonates with me the most is Jeremy Reyes’ transparency with both how he operates day to day, which you can see for yourself, and in the framework that he teaches and helps you build. There’s no sense of having to go around the next corner to get what you need, no gimmicks, no baiting. What he teaches you can also see in his way of operating, and you can see that it’s based on lots of time, thought, reflection and experience. It’s also really helpful to have others to go through the process with, and see their journey and have that mutual support and encouragement.

Ellie Micah

Life Coach

You can find more testimonials in the “guides” section of our private Facebook Community here

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Before making a payment, you must have a Discovery Call to see if this program is a good fit for you.