Making Money in the Woods
About 3 years ago, my wife and I took the day off and went on a long hike. Every few minutes, my phone would go off. The notifications were the cheesiest “chu-ching” sounds 💸

I was making money while walking in the woods! I thought that was so cool. Every time that notification went off, my heart skipped a beat, my ego soared, and my addiction grew.

Although I turned those notifications off, over the next 2 years I would constantly check my payment processing app to see my business continuing to grow. Sales came pouring in every day, almost on autopilot. I had spent months learning, building my sales systems, creating products, hiring a team, etc… I deserved this right?

That adrenaline rush of making money became my focus. I started chasing money. And I started making decisions based on what would make the most money.

Fast forward several months, and this conviction continually grew inside of me. It got to the point where I could no longer ignore it. I finally took a really hard and long look at my business – and realized I had completely shifted the entire purpose of my company and left the solid foundation I built my company on. I had lost my enthusiasm for the business, for the people I was serving, and I felt totally out of alignment with what God called me to do.

I spent several months contemplating what went wrong, and it all pointed back to a fundamentally false belief: “the purpose of business is to make money”. When money becomes the mission, that belief turns into destructive actions that create terrible results. Unfulfillment, burn out, and unhappiness follow.

I’m here to tell you a shift is possible. I’ve come to believe this with all my heart: “The purpose of business is to love and serve people.” Profit is a powerful tool and essential ingredient in that process, but it isn’t the mission. When we choose to make this belief a reality, we can experience the true fulfillment, purpose, and motivation that comes from putting other people first.

I’m here to challenge you today: find your Purpose Beyond Profit. Commit to it. Make a sustainable wage to support it. You’ll be truly happy you did.